Nice to see you. Since you're here, I'm guessing you know who we are, but we might not know you yet.

You might be surprised that there isn't a means of communicating with us here. We're a nimble, dedicated team that only works with collaborators and clients we know and their closest friends they refer to us. 

We do this because we prefer to work with people that we have a tight bond with, something that is rare in the work-for-hire, crank-out-cheap-content world we live in.

We're friends, motivators and muses. And we're pretty damn good storytellers too. 

We are a New York City-based full-service film, television and commercial production company and have offices in Times Square and DUMBO Brooklyn. We also create branded-content with a limited set of companies that we have developed a bond with over the years.

If you've been exposed to our work through a friend and would like to chat with us to see if there's something we can do for each other, please reach out to them for a personal introduction. I'm sure they won't mind connecting friends.

We do not accept unsolicited scripts, pitches or films. The best way to get on our radar for original content for our upcoming OTT platform is through most film and series markets, festivals and other industry events like IFP Film Week, SXSW and NYTVF.